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Our economical yet high quality remanufactured HP 65XL Combo-GB Ink Cartridge is recycled from an original cartridge which is known as the HP 65XL Combo-GB Ink Cartridge. To ensure this product is environmentally friendly, it has been refurbished by a factory with a 12 steps strict process, which ensures that the quality will meet the same standards as its OEM counterpart.



2 Pack HP 65XL N9K04AN Black and N9K03AN Tri-Color High Yield Ink Cartridge

1 HP 65XL N9K04AN Black High Yield Ink Cartridge
1 HP 65XL N9K03AN Tri-Color High Yield Ink Cartridge

Compatible Printers:

HP - DeskJet Series

HP DeskJet 2600, HP DeskJet 2622, HP DeskJet 2624, HP DeskJet 2632, HP DeskJet 2633, HP DeskJet 2634, HP DeskJet 2635, HP DeskJet 2652, HP DeskJet 2655, HP DeskJet 3720, HP DeskJet 3721, HP DeskJet 3722, HP DeskJet 3723, HP DeskJet 3730, HP DeskJet 3732, HP DeskJet 3733, HP DeskJet 3752, HP DeskJet 3755, HP DeskJet 3758

HP - Envy Series

HP Envy 5010, HP Envy 5020, HP Envy 5030, HP Envy 5032, HP Envy 5034, HP Envy 5052, HP Envy 5055, HP Envy 5058

Earth Toner Remanufactured HP 65XL Black and Color Ink Cartridge Combo High

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